Your staff are worried and your shelves are still full of ordered food. Restaurants still have an essential social role. We must be ready for change and also quickly.

Adapt your offer

Try to decrease your menu to essential elements that are representative of your food. That they are your USP (unique selling point). Focus on those and forget about irrelevant details. Do you have the best pizza in the neighborhood? Focus on that and maybe leave the dessert or appetizers  out the menu. 


Be aggressive with all possible strategies. Always talk to the customer, don't lose contact. Even if your shop is closed, don't lose your communication every day. Too often in the last few days we have seen closed rooms, with a notice on the door and ... nothing, waiting for better moments. Nothing more dangerous, customers may soon forget you.


Be honest and don't be ashamed to ask your customers for "help". Use all the available platforms: instagram, facebook, youtube, websites, direct on watch parties. Flyers, image videos. Think a bout coupons or special offers for cutomers.

Have the best hygiene standards

Make your customers participate and show how much you care about the cleanliness of the room and the highest hygiene standards

switch to disposables (plastic cutlery, cups, paper napkins) during this time, if possible, to mitigate the perception of risk.(if possible use recyclable items or paper based).

Think of family packages, special offers for children.

Take out

Keep in mind something: we are entering a new era, where take out will be probably , or will need to become your major revenue stream. 

Use and subscribe all possible delivery apps, platforms, and your employees for safe, contactless - delivery. 

lets implement strategies 


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