than the delivery pizza. Why? Wo use certain ingredients, starting from Flour (from Molino Caputo Napoli) to all toppings (fresh cuts, cheese, etc) which most of them are D.O.P,  where the origin is within EU certified, and possibly OGM free. You will not find "just 00 flour " or "pizza flour" on our packages. Or "just salami". We eliminate addictive ingredients such as fats you will usually find in all delivery chains.

Easy to digest cause the dough matures 24-48 hours .

Calories controlled recipees.


Reloaded. From the Roman style tradition, square, by the slice, we use rolling pin to make our crust very thin and crunchy.  

Ingredients are fresh, some regional or seasonal


We have as commercial business the obligation to think on the impact of our shop on the environment.  We try to reduce waste , and we almost completely banned plastic.

We encourage you to keep our delivery boxes (when possible) for the next visit!

Gertigstraße 23, 22303 Hamburg, Germany

Burn slices offers gourmet pizza on demand , wine bar